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E-2 VISA Transfer (Change Workplace)

The person(the alien) under obligation to notify has to report to the Head of the local Immigration Office within 15 days from the date of occurrence and submit an 'Application for Change or Addition of the Workplace' (Report by proxy with "a letter of attorney" is allowed).
** In principle, you have to visit the local Immigration Office to report since you are required to receive a sticker or a stamp of change or addition of workplace on your passport.
Required Document
  1. Passport and ARC
  2. Form "Application for Change or Addition of Workplace"
  3. Application form (Report Form No.34)
  4. Employment Contract (Original and 1 copy)
  5. Business license copy (or a certificate of Proper Number),
  6. School license copy (or any documents relevant to establishment of such as a certificate of the registration of incorporations)
  7. Letter of consent (release) from the employer of your original workplace: A letter of consent from the employer of your original workplace is not required if you have worked until the contract expires or until the date you and your employer agreed upon. (It can be replaced by a statement of reasons if you resigned at the employer's fault such as an overdue wage and business suspension/closure and etc.)
  8. Teaching schedule (timetable of lessons)
  9. Letter to proof of residency (i.e. Lease contract, confirmation of provided residence, a mail giving the notice of the expiry date of your period of sojourn, a utility bill payment for any public services, receipt of university housing fee and others.)
  10. No Fee for a changing workplace, but Extension of Stay(VISA extension) will be 60,000won

Form Download
Form "Application for Change or Addition of Workplace"
Application form(Report Form No.34)
Letter of Attorney (Sample)
Proof of Residence (Sample)

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