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JOBPOSTINGKOREA is founded and inspired by ideas and suggestion from foreign teachers who already working in Korea.
We offer Free Job Searching Service to find a teaching position in Private and Public Schools, English Academies, and Afterschool Classes in Korea.
You can search and apply to potential employers, without any hassle!
We try to give you any job related information as much as we know. As you apply through our job positions, we try to contact the employer first and let them know how you’re interested. We will figure out the position's benefits suit with your preferences before arranging an interview with the school.
You will have chances to speak directly to the school, in that way, you can ask them about the location, working environment, pictures of facilities, and all other things that you want to make sure before you make a final decision. 

Since JOBPOSTINGKOREA are not a Commission-Based company, and because of this,  we can be more neutral than other Korean recruitment agencies between employers and job searchers.
We just try to search a more suitable job position for you.

Please Remember:
Posting a Job Searcher's Application and Job Applying Services are all FREE of charge to our job seeker members.
We will never request personal financial information, fund transactions or cashing checks via unsolicited e-mail.
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If you are an experienced teacher in Korea with good writing skills and like to share the words with other people, contact us to get your own forums in our site.

잡포스팅코리아는 국내외 국제학교, 외국어학교, 외국인학교, 공립 사립학교, 방가후업체 및 메이저 어학원과 영어학원에 원어민강사와 교포강사를 지원해 드리고 있습니다.
잡포스팅코리아는 영어강사교사 전문 채용대행업체로 국내 출입국관리법, 직업안정법, 교육법 및 납세의무를 지키며 세금계산서와 영수증발행을 기본으로 합니다.
저희 Jobpostingkorea.com잡포스팅코리아에서 운영하는 사이트로써 국내외 출신의 원어민강사 및 교포강사의 구인을 희망하여 등록하신 구인회원들께 보다 상세하고 정확한 구직자의 정보를 제공하는 목적으로 운영되고 있습니다. 사이트의 모든 내용은 직업안정법과 정보제공업의 법률에 따라 심사되고 관리됩니다. 인종 국적 성별 나이 학력에 차별이 있을 수 없습니다. 단, 강사의 자격조건상 비자 및 체류상태, 학력검증과 범죄기록의 조회는 의무화 합니다.
저희는 원어민강사의 구인, 초청, 관리, 출입국관련사항 등 어학원 운영에 필수적인 사항에 대해서 최대한 친절히 상담해 드립니다.

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