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Seeking job for F-3 Visa Holder

Hi, I have F-3 visa (dependent Visa holder). Could I get job in teaching sector within Seoul? Kindly advice. Thanks & Regards Sasikala

Answer :

Hi, Sasikala


If you want to obtain a teaching job in Korea, basically, you will be required all same documents as an E-2 VISA applicant to apply a working permit to the immigration.

You have better to contact the immigration office about the working permit under F-3 visa status.



Here is a list of E-2 VISA application requirements.


Application Eligibility

Those seeking position of foreign language instructor at foreign language institutions or educational facilities (primary school and above)


Qualification: Natives of the country whose mother language is the one they are teaching. In addition, they must have acquired a bachelor's degree or higher from that country.


Required Documents

※ Items subject to change depending on individual circumstances

Passport (A photocopy of passport if applying for a certificate of recognition of Visa Issuance)


Application for Visa Issuance or Application for Recognition of Visa Issuance


Self-health statements

- Upon applying for visa or visa issuance certificate, Submit a self-health statement

- Submit health examination records upon applying to be a registered foreigner after entering Korea.
※ A employment health check including drug tests from a medical institution specified by the minister of justice is needed when alien registration application is made.(Put in force from 2011.4.1)

Employment health check lists : Based on the government employee regulation accompanying paper. Philopon, Cocaine, Opium, Hemp are the essential points for the drug test, HIV test is also an essential point.


Degree certificates

- Got Apostille or verified from the Korean embassy in foreigner's home country ‘confirmation certificate from the university’ or ‘graduation certificate including degree achievement facts’ or ‘diploma or degree copy’


Issuance of proof of (lack of) criminal records
- A criminal record check which covers your whole country, and also from your country's government.
- The records must be affixed with the relevant nation's Apostille.
※ According to the Korean immigration law a criminal background check from the Korean Ambassador of your country will not be accepted.
※ Nationals of countries that have not signed the Apostille treaty, (China, etc) must get their records verified by their local Korean consulate and those already in Korea who were issued their criminal records from their consulates in Korea have no need for an Apostille
※ In case applicant stay in Korea and is sent Criminal Background Check by mail, Or one's entry to Korea is imminent, the document notarized by one's embassy in Korea may be exceptionally acceptable.
※ Immigration office will not recognize the criminal records issued by online website or E-mail notarized by consulate's office in Korea as a valid criminal records.

- If a foreigner hands in a criminal record check which covers the whole home country's information for the visa issuance application, and comes to Korea after getting the conversation teacher(E-2) visa the criminal record check document is able to be omitted when the foreigner wants to move to another workplace through a new visa issuance application.(This includes the situation such as, visa issuance application made after the foreigner left Korea. But, if the time period from leaving date up to entrance date with the new E-2 visa is more than 3 months criminal record check is needed when alien registration application is made. )

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