James, 4년경력 이중언어 부모상담가능한 캐나다교포선생님

5,151번, James 캐나다 남성선생님은 국내에 거주하고 있습니다.

희망근무유형 Full Time
이름 (번호) James (5,151번)
성별 남성
나이 41세 (1984년생)
국적 캐나다
혼인여부 기혼
현재 거주지 국내에 거주
최종학력 Ryerson University 4년제 학사
전공 Public Administration
부전공 Non-Profit Organizations and Law
근무 시작일 바로시작가능
선호지역 대도시선호
선호도시 Seoul (서울) Nowon-gu (노원구)
희망월급 220만원
희망숙소종류 하우징 필요없음, 주택수당 희망
희망근무시간 오전, 오후, 저녁, 모든 시간대 가능
희망교육기관 학원
강의래밸 유치부, 초등부, 중고등부, 성인반, 모든 학년
강사 소개 My name is Do-Keun James Woo. I am interested in teaching English at your school. I'm 31 years of age, a BA student in Public Administration from Ryerson University in Toronto, with minors in Law and Non-Profit Organizations. Currently, I am residing in Korea. I have been in Korea for the past three years teaching English. I had previously been here to teach in 2010-2011.
I am a Canadian Citizen of Korean decent. Therefore, I have a good cultural understanding of both Canada and Korea. I believe that I have a bit of an advantage over the other candidates considering I can speak the Korean language pretty fluently, but I have some difficulty reading and writing in Korean.
Personally, I have a genuine interest in helping people learn and develop their English language skills. I have always wanted to help people expand their knowledge of the English language. I believe that with my working knowledge, educational background and experience; I can be a great helping hand teaching English to the next generation.
As per my strengths as an individual, I am very self-motivated to accomplish tasks or goals. I believe in working hard till the task is finished because that carries personal responsibilities. I have great organizational skills and time management skills which allows me to be reliable and dependent at all times. Being punctual is very important to me. I have great leadership skills, which allows me to be a great listener, because other peoples opinions matter to me. As a person, I like working around new people. I feel comfortable working in groups and
people I've never met before. I have an extrovert personality, so its a little comforting working around individuals I've never met before or necessarily know.
I believe that playing an active role within the organization is necessary to contribute to the organization. However, more importantly, playing a leadership role is more necessary to efficiently contribute and add value to the organization. As an individual; you would see that I am well-mannered, well-spoken, confident, and a personable individual. The type of individual that is energetic to be around others. As for my work ethic; I am a born leader, who likes to take charge, who is strategic, versatile, punctual. Personally, work satisfaction comes from the tasks and work that is accomplished and fulfilled.
강의경험 강의경력 있음  (년 경험)
경력사항 As for my experience teaching English in Korea. I had previously worked at BIS Canada (2009-2010), located in Bundang. The work experience I gained at the private language school was very satisfying. Having taught the EAP (English Advancement Program), a program meant to help students struggling; catch up to the levels of their peers. It was really rewarding and a special feeling, getting to know that the help I provided, helped the students to get to the level they were capable of reaching. For the past three years (June 2013 - August 2015), I had been working at 7Steps English in Deokjeong. The hagwon is one of the biggest in the Yang-ju area with two campuses, one in Deokjeong and one in Goeup-dong. The work experience I gained while working at 7Steps English was invaluable. I taught "Phonetic English" starting from elementary grade 1 students all the way to TEPS (Test of English Proficiency) to high school students. As for the whole experience, the working environment there was exceptionally cordial and I got to meet some really great people and friends.
If the organization is seeking an individual with leadership skills that are fine tuned to qualitative and quantitative and analytical skills. Someone that has excellent communication skills; both written and oral, then I believe that I am the ideal candidate. I bring the energy, commitment, and excellence necessary to thrive immediately and contribute to the organizations environment.
I hope you consider my application for the position. Teaching there would be a great personal experience that would allow me to expand my ways and methods of teaching. I also believe that I would fit in perfectly within the organization and make immediate contributions.
I hope this tells the reader a little something about myself. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you in the near future.
James Woo
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