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alex, Alexander Moon- I am a hardworking and dedicated teacher

6,752번, alex 미국 남성선생님은 국내에 거주하고 있습니다.

희망근무유형 Full Time
이름 (번호) alex (6,752번)
성별 남성
나이 31세 (1988년생)
국적 미국
혼인여부 미혼
현재 거주지 국내에 거주
최종학력 University of North Texas 4년제 학사
전공 Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS)
근무 시작일 2017년 12월 16일부터 근무가능
선호지역 대도시선호, 중소도시
선호도시 Seoul (서울) Gangnam-gu (강남구)
희망월급 230만원
희망숙소종류 원룸이나 스튜디오
희망근무시간 오전, 오후
희망교육기관 학원
강의래밸 초등부, 중고등부
강사 소개


GnB English teacher- October 2014-October 2015

  • Taught Korean students at an academy. I learned a lot of skills and methods for teaching the students.
  • How to be balanced as a teacher when teaching students (of course I am more than willing to change for what the Director wants out of me). I learned a lot about teaching through this experience. Also learned good ways to work with co-workers.

JLS English Chess Teacher- November 2015- November 2016

  • Learned how to come up with lesson plans using the Power Point. And activities that the students can learn from through the Power Point.
  • Since the program is set by allowing the students to participate in activities while learning. I learned how to make the lessons more fun and creative for the students.

JLS English Ace Teacher- May 2017- December 2017

  • Taught Middle school students by using the power point, books and activities.
  • Went over subjects like health, science, history and different cultures around the world.
강의경험 강의경력 있음  (1년 경험)

 Hello, it is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for the teaching position for this Academy. I am a fluent English speaker that was born in Irving, Texas and graduated from UNT (University of North Texas). I am a graduate that has a deep passion for teaching English and being a part of the Korean culture. Not only that, but I was blessed to teach English in Korea for almost 3 years and learned a lot from that experience. I have gained knowledge and methods to teach in a way that’s fun and effective for the students. I am an energetic and hardworking teacher that have some depth when it comes to the students mentality. So, I connect well with them while also knowing when to be stern when I have to be.

 Repetition is the mother of skills and through repetition I believe I have acquired the right balance and attributes for teaching. I am a teacher that has a strong sense for perseverance and to not waste the time and effort for the people who are running this Academy. I know being punctual is very important in any work environment; I was never late and missed zero working days. Not only am I really looking forward to teaching English at this Academy. But I am a teacher that knows how important it is to align with the Director’s vision when doing my job. 

 I am a listener that integrates and utilizes what the Director wants while following specific instructions and guidelines. As long as I get the proper training that I need. I am good with team work and try my best to bring success to the Academy I work for by contributing and doing my best to bring positive results to the table. 3 years’ experience in teaching lead me to become even more flexible and responsive. As a matter of fact I get along with any co-workers, because I always carry my own weight and get assignments such as grading papers and writing/checking monthly reports done on time. I actually liked to get things done ahead of time so I don’t have to constantly keep holding onto agendas. I am also hardworking, productive and studious when it comes to learning and adapting to the environment I am in. Mainly because I know every Academy has a slightly different ways of running things. 

 I enjoy being an English teacher and am currently passionate about it and always do my best to carry on with integrity. Since I teach children, I try not to have a wooden personality but an active and playful one. I actually care and am supportive of the Academy I work for; I really want the Academy I work for to constantly be successful and do better. Through my diverse work background, I managed to learn to be disciplined and always keep track of time.

I also integrate patience and understanding into the equation as well. Since everyone’s personalities, points of views and characteristics are different from one another. Empathy can be a very useful trait when dealing with certain students, especially middle school students. I say this, because my job there is to teach and keep a good learning environment for the students. I am a visual learner, thus I learned a lot while actually teaching and getting a better understanding of the process and materials. It took some time since I started out as a novice, but now have the skills to teach students and provide a memorable and yet fun learning experience for the students. I am also well versed in communication as well and have good people skills, regardless of differences in culture or language barriers. So, I am proficient at upgrading the capabilities of the students when it comes to interacting in English.

 I would really like this opportunity. Thus, I will put the utmost effort, care and dedication to what I do for this Academy. I can guarantee that most of the students I teach at this Academy will really like me as their teacher. I looked at the guidelines, the criteria and the terms as a teacher for This Academy. I think teaching kids is livelier and keeps me more focused. Maybe because I have matured mentally (although I still have more to learn), but still energetic and young at heart. Thank you very much for your time and I really look forward for getting contacted for an interview. Thanks again. 

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