Oceana, Kinder Job

6,936번, Oceana 미국 여성선생님은 미국에 거주하고 있습니다.

희망근무유형 Full Time
이름 (번호) Oceana (6,936번)
성별 여성
나이 33세 (1992년생)
국적 미국
혼인여부 미혼
현재 거주지 미국에 거주
최종학력 University of Mary Washington 4년제 학사
전공 English
근무 시작일 2018년 06월 01일부터 근무가능
선호지역 선호지역 없음
선호도시 Seoul (서울)
희망월급 210만원
희망숙소종류 원룸이나 스튜디오
희망근무시간 모든 시간대 가능
희망교육기관 모든 교육기관 가능
강의래밸 모든 학년
강사 소개

As a passionate and adventurous individual, I am excited by opportunites that allow me to push past my comfort zone to grow as a person. I received my Bachelor's of Arts in English from the University of Mary Washington in 2016 and have recently turned my attention to teaching opportunities.


While I was studying at the University, I had a job at the school's auditorium. While I was usually stationed as a House Manager, I was also no stranger to the behind the scenes work. My supervisor made sure to cross-train everyone at the auditorium so that we would become more well-rounded individuals. As such, I not only ended up with experience wrangling a crowd as a House Manager, but as a Stage Manager I learned how to help keep both the staff and performers in line. 


강의경험 강의경력 없음  

While I was at school, I worked at the auditorium. For the most part, I was a House Manager and helped control the audience. I was trained on directing people in case of an emergency and, more often, my regular duties often fell in the range of directing people to restrooms, helping keep the lines to the restrooms at managable lengths, ensuring no one took any contraband inside the theater proper, and greeting the audience members as they arrived.


More recently, I've been working at a bakery as a Front of House Staff Member. As a senior staff member, I'm in charge of training our new hires. That, more than anything else at the job, helped me lower my expectations for my trainee's base knowledge so that I could be in a better position to help them understand just what they were doing and why they were doing it.

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