Kendall , TEFL Certified Teacher Seeking Position in Seoul

6,961번, Kendall 미국 여성선생님은 미국에 거주하고 있습니다.

희망근무유형 Full Time
이름 (번호) Kendall (6,961번)
성별 여성
나이 30세 (1995년생)
국적 미국
혼인여부 미혼
현재 거주지 미국에 거주
최종학력 University of Illinois 4년제 학사
전공 East Asian Languages and Cultures
자격증 180 Hour TEFL Certificate
근무 시작일 2018년 09월 01일부터 근무가능
선호지역 대도시선호
선호도시 Seoul (서울)
희망월급 210만원
희망숙소종류 원룸이나 스튜디오
희망근무시간 모든 시간대 가능
희망교육기관 모든 교육기관 가능
강의래밸 모든 학년
강사 소개

To whom it may concern, 


I am writing to you today regarding a position for an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea. I am extremely interested in teaching English and am very passionate about education. I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea in the Spring of 2017 at Yonsei University. During my travels, I absolutely fell in love with the people, culture, and language of South Korea. Since then, I have been very passionate about teaching in South Korea and look forward to moving there to teach.


I believe I am a very good candidate for this position and am thankful for your consideration. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Illinois where I earned a GPA of 3.65. I believe this reflects my passion for learning and how hard working I am. I also have received a TEFL certification of 180 hours from the International TEFL Academy in Chicago. This certification class was very thorough and taught me many important aspects about being an English teacher abroad, from making lesson plans to teaching grammar to creating a good classroom environment, and thus, I feel I am extremely prepared to be an excellent English teacher. 


My TEFL certification class also contained 10 practicum hours where I observed and taught English classes to adult English learners in the Chicagoland area ranging from the beginner level to the advanced level. I am able to make detailed lesson plans, help students with grammar, pronunciation, and comprehension. I absolutely loved teaching these students and am now confident I will be able to teach people from another country efficiently as well as engage them with my lessons and class content. I am a very hard-working and responsible person and have always been committed to producing the best work I can with any job I do. Through various part time jobs working at coffee shops and my university’s library I have learned the importance of organization, efficiency, hard-work, and communication with co-workers, employers, and customers and believe I am an exceptionally good employee. 


I am very passionate about teaching English and would be willing to start work in Korea as soon as September 2018. I have attached my resume below for you to view. Thank you again for your time and consideration. You may contact me at any time and I look forward to hearing from you.



Kendall Pietrzak

강의경험 강의경력 있음  (less than 년 경험)

I have 10 practicum hours that I completed while taking my TEFL certification course. 

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